Outside of the Box Gift Ideas

How many of us struggle with gift ideas for our loved ones and friends? These days there are just so many ridiculous possibilities to choose from. Do you get them a book? A boxed set of their favourite series on television? Maybe you kept things simple and went for a mediocre high five. We know what you’re thinking… none of these solutions tick any of the right boxes. Hmm, we’ve mentioned boxes a few times in this paragraph… wait… could that mean what you think it means? Yes! Here are some exciting outside of the box gift ideas, starting with one of our favourites!

Custom t-shirts

Yes! There you go, we said it. We love personalised t-shirts; from being able to upload your own design, all the way to having it printed on a shirt of your style and colour. There’s just so much fun that can be had! Actually, there’s no reason why you need to gift this idea to anyone – you could always create your own personalised t-shirts and keep them for yourself! But no, that’s mean. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Create a shirt and have one printed for you and for your recipient. Job done.

What about a personal portrait?

No one really bothers with artwork and portraits anymore and that’s a real shame. These types of gifts are a great way to show someone how much you really care. If they are a loved one, then why not have their image painted by a professional in a way that they will cherish for life? If you just want to have a bit of a laugh, then you could have a caricature artists mock up how they’d look if they had a bean shaped head, or incredibly exaggerated features. There’s no telling how dynamic your portrait could be.

A trip to their favourite place

If you really want to make a day of it, then why not book you and your recipient a day at your local hot spot? If you don’t have one nearby then you could travel further afield and once you’re there, you’ll probably find a host of great activities to take part in – as well as a range of trophies and trinkets to take home. It all depends on what your loved one enjoys the most and a gift can come in many forms, so there’s no need to actually provide them with something physical if you can give them something that they will cherish even more (like a day out together).

What do you think of our short list? Pretty outside of the box if we do say so ourselves. In our experience, something personal and appealing can offer the greatest reward. That’s why our personal favourite has to be the gift that keeps on giving; a customised t-shirt, or even a hooded top that they will be able to cherish forever. And the great thing is that if it ever gets old and worn; you can simply replace it with a brand new one – or buy them a few so that they never have to worry about wear and tear!